ICT networks

Nowadays, an efficient local network is the foundation of many a working office. Nay, if any, there was often precluded by the operation of the institution.

The basic function as such should meet the network is simply a combination of all devices into one efficient system. Modern wiring must meet all necessary standards and be installed with the extension.

Today, away from the use of dedicated cabling, ie for example separately for network and network separately komputerowej.Dzisiejsze standards are forcing us universal application of ICT cabling, which allows for efficient use for connecting more of the media.

The identified positions are fed a number of universal cables, whose final destiny will be determined in the future and what is important can be flexibly modified quickly.

The main requirements of a data communications network:

  • Versatility
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Easy expansion,
  • Multimedia.

Your local network flexibility is achieved at the cost of some redundancy, but it incurred during the initial period of investment expenses return with a vengeance during the years of use, since the modification and reconfiguration of wiring, adapting to changing needs (eg the launch of a new position, department, or transfer an employee, etc.) is a matter of easy and fast, and hence cheap.

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