Recent years have seen enormous progress in the field of electronic commerce. On the Polish market for electronic commerce is about 3% of all trade, and already in the U.S. for example, over 10%. This demonstrates a very powerful e-commerce.

His assignments take into account relevant solutions in different types of business linkages. First of all B2C and B2B.
Advantages of online shops can be seen from the perspective of both the customer and the store owner.

1. Customer benefits:

  • Ease of use,
  • The ability to buy goods that are otherwise difficult to access,
  • Greater choice – access to current offers from around the world
  • Curfew offer
  • Competitive prices compared to traditional stores,

2. Benefits for store owners:

  • Simple and convenient management of the business of this type,
  • The ability to sell products non-stop,
  • Reaching out to customers with the offer niche
  • The ability to serve customers around the world
  • Unlimited range of products that can be sold,
  • Lower operating costs resulting from:
  • no need to rent shop space or hiring staff,
  • elimination of intermediate links in the distribution,
  • update offer – it is possible to date without incurring the costs of printing advertising brochures.

Surely you see even more benefits that can get your business. And what would you say to that someone you helped in all this?

We are happy to take care of it. We will support you throughout the process of implementation. We approach each project individually. We are able to carry out the project so that you were with him fully satisfied.